Unique Presentations for Nantucket Conference

Each fall, The Nantucket Project gathers 500 visionaries and seekers to the island to discuss the boldest and most thought-provoking ideas of our time. For the third year in a row Graphic Matter worked with MassAv on a series of live presentations over this unique 4 day conference. This years presenters included Jennifer Garner, Glenn Beck, Dick Cavett as well as a series of very inspirational and controversial personalities.


Phone in a Presentation

Today, we expect our smartphones to be able to do it all, and they often do manage to fulfill our needs in situations that formerly would have required much heavier equipment. If you speak at conferences, present information at meetings, or otherwise use slideshow presentations, you can use your smartphone to enhance the presentation — or even, in some cases, use them in place of a laptop to output the slideshow.

Presentation apps

Assuming you’ve created the presentation on your computer, the first step is to get the presentation file onto your phone and be able to open it. Depending on your mobile operating system, you can transfer the file by connecting the phone to your computer via USB, wirelessly over Bluetooth, e-mail it to yourself, or put it into a cloud storage location or on a web server where you can download it to the phone. With Android phones, most of which have microSD cards, you can also transfer the files from your computer to the card (if your computer has an SD card reader) and then onto the phone that way.

There are dozens of apps with which you can view PowerPoint or OpenOffice presentations on your smartphone, whether it’s an Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone. Of course, Windows Phone has Office Mobile (including PowerPoint Mobile) built in. For Android, you can use ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer, which is a “lite” (and free) version of ThinkFree Office.

We’re Playin the Classics

We just completed the new Reebok relaunch deck for Classics. The presentation highlighted new in store displays, imagery from line of shoes and branding calendars. The presentation was launched for the sales force on ipad tablets.

M. Davis & Sons PowerPoint Template


Graphic Matter recently created an updated PowerPoint Template for M Davis & Sons, Inc. The new template complements their existing website and collateral, creating a cohesive brand image for the Delaware-based Industrial Contractor.

Does your client-facing collateral need a facelift? Call us!

Unique Presentation in Nantucket

For a second year in a row Graphic Matter had the privilege to work with MassAv on the Nantucket Project. This years program featured over 25 unique presentations from keynote, powerpoint, prezi given by leaders in entertainment and various industries. This fast paced program continues to raise the bar when it comes to live alternative presentations.nantucket1nantucket3nantucket2nantucket4

Go for the Greens 2016

Congratulations to Nancy Allen, President & CEO of WBDC of FL , on winning the Mary Schnack Award this past weekend at Go for the Greens #GFTGconf!

Graphic Matter was pleased to provide the accompanying PowerPoint presentation deck for the event.

Graphic Matter, WBENC certified Design Studio specializing in Print, Web, Presentation Graphics. Go for the Greens 2016 PowerPoint presentation designed by Graphic Matter, Inc.


Graphic Matter, WBENC certified Design Studio specializing in Print, Web, Presentation Graphics.

2016 Go for the Greens Recipient Nancy Allen., President & CEO of WBDC of FL


AOS – Always On – Show in Rhode Island

Graphic Matter once again worked with MassAv on a one day leadership event for Atrion. The action packed agenda featured high level presentations on CHANGE. The large widescreen presentation featured online polling, dynamic video spots and powerpoint.